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Best Project Management Software

Are you looking for the Project Management Software for your upcoming or running projects? We have created a detailed list of PMS at List for Gain. 
You can compare software with price, features and with other things.

Find best project management software for your business from below list.

Best PMS Software | Project Management Software List

From home. From the office. Across the continent and around the world. Hybrid teams can span dozens of locations and nearly as many time zones, and they need project software that can do the same.
Agile, waterfall and every project management methodology in between. Hybrid teams rely on a variety of work styles to balance flexibility and predictability within their projects.

Software Price: $15 per Month

Free Trial: 30 Days

RationalPlan is a powerful project management software designed to help teams and project managers create consistent project plans, allocate resources and analyze workload, track work progress, estimate project costs and manage budgets. It offers an embedded project guide that follows Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) guidelines and takes users through each step of the project planning process. RationalPlan will help you to complete your projects as scheduled, on time and within budget.

Software Price: $4 per Month

Free Trial: 30 Days

An innovative and recognized solution for your projects

A particular request? A need specific to your context? A connector to settle with another tool?
- Resource planning is done in a view displaying all resources and associated tasks on a schedule (Who view). This view allows you to distribute the workload and plan it, considering the occupation rates and the constraints of the resources. This planning view by resource also exists in multi-project mode, greatly facilitating arbitration when distributing work to different projects.

Software Price: $11.99 per Month

Free Trial: 7 Days

The solutions for current project management often do not meet expectations or are very complex, so we want to offer a sufficiently robust alternative but at the same time friendly and easy to use.

We want to eliminate the greatest possible resistance to using project management tools to give our users, especially technical staff, a tool with a better user experience and the least number of clicks possible.

TaskBlast is a product developed to support collaborative work teams that manage different software projects daily.

TaskBlast was originally designed and developed in Ireland by Paul Moran and is now developed, supported and improved by Vorealis Software. We share Paul’s initial motivation to develop TaskBlast:

“Having worked as a Project Manager for a Software Company, I struggled to find a solution that was both powerful and simple. I found Trello, Basecamp, and similar solutions were too simplistic for the needs of a software team.

Software Price: FREE

Free Trial: Available

Small businesses and teams have different needs. We know that intimately. We are a small business that knows the struggles small teams face managing projects, juggling priorities, executing good work, communicating effectively, and keeping track of your most precious resource…time. At its core, Intervals is simple, yet powerful time tracking and task management software with intelligent reporting to make informed decisions based on your time.

Software Price: $29

Free Trial: 30 Days

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